In freewrite on January 23, 2010 at 2:38 am

I just read a post by Mattias Mackler on Right and Wrong. He said:

“In the end, morality itself is a man-made invention.”

It reminded me of a conversation I had with Angela, my roomie at home when our power was out. It was about 7 pm, there was no light and electricity in my apartment; the only light source we had was a cookie-flavored candle. The reality that we had no light after sun set dated me back to the ancient world, and I started to imagining what it would be like to live in the past when it’s dark after sun set. Human beings communicate, back then, among families and friends. They share emotions after dark, because there is nothing else to be done. They watch the night sky.

They probably had no idea what morality was back then. They lived life in one way, as others had their ways of living.

When the word “morality” came into being, there came “mercy” “class” “cruelty” too, I am wondering.

  1. I wonder if, in fact, morality existed but was just conceived in ways that we define morality. Do you think morals, on some level, are universal? Laurie

  2. I think morals are universal, just like love, but very fragile, breakable, and relies heavily on scale. I think it is easier to be moral or to love someone who is really close to us, but to be moral or to love a complete stranger requires much more.

    Meanwhile I agree that moral is universal because we have morals as we all have love, I am wondering if there exists a universal moral, which exist on a much bigger scale?

    I hope the answer is yes, but I haven’t been convinced yet.

  3. If moral obligations were invented, they do not truly exist, and none of us are obligated to anyone or anything else.

    But how would a person have invented morality? It strikes me as something like trying to imagine a color that one hasn’t seen. “Ought” is a concept unto itself that rests on no other premises. Someone just made this up and convinced everyone else to go along with it? Doubtful.

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